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I really try to answer as many emails as I can but unfortunately due to the high volume I receive I cannot respond to every one.

These are some general questions that I get asked a lot… so I hope to help by having some answers here to make things easier for you.

About Our Products:

How do I get my Pattern Downloads?

Log into you account to access the Download Patterns you have bought. I have a photo tutorial on this page to show you how to download PDF patterns.

If you can’t download the pattern or it isn’t printing properly… don’t PANIC!

You will need to get the latest version of Adobe Reader….

It’s FREE and you can get it here – http://get.adobe.com/reader/

What are e-Pattern Downloads?

Instant Download e-Patterns are sewing patterns that you download to your computer and print out yourself, rather than waiting for the pattern to be shipped to you. You receive the patterns over the Internet as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file directly from The Funky Friends Factory website – how easy is that? CLICK HERE for more information about Funky Friends Factory Instant Download e-Patterns.

Which patterns are the easiest for children or beginners?

I have put together a list of which patterns I think are my EASY patterns! ! Every child, and beginner sewer, is different which makes it really difficult to say from what age the patterns are suitable. You will have some idea of your own or your child’s ability (and their level of interest in making stuffed toys). Younger child from 8 – 10 years old should be able to complete them with the assistance of an adult, whereas some older children and teenagers will be able to do most of them on their own.

I bought a pattern but I don't understand something, can you help me?

If you get stuck there are quite a few things you can do. 1. Please make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly – at least TWICE! I’m sure you’ve already done this, but please double check you haven’t skipped a step – it is very easy to do! : ) 2. Check the Learn To Sew Toys page. I’ve written lots of toy-making hints, tips and sewing tricks that should solve most problems you’re likely to encounter when making a softie. If you don’t see an answer there – there’s another option – 3. Post your question on the Funky Friends Factory Facebook page There are a lot of very friendly EXPERT and NEW sewers that would love to share their knowledge and toy-making experience, if you post a question there, it will also help other people who may have the same question, so it’s a nice way to help each other out.

What is your COPYRIGHT POLICY and can I make Funky Friends toys for sale?

Funky Friends Factory Copyright Policy: (Updated 2019) ®© 070630 Copyright Protection Services International. Copyright © 2019 Funky Friends Factory.
The Funky Friends Factory patterns, concepts and logo are protected by international copyright protection: It is acceptable to make these toys yourself for personal use and gifts or to sell in limited numbers if the toy is labeled/tagged ‘Made from a Funky Friends Factory pattern’. If you are selling the toys online – EACH online listing MUST state that the toy is made from a Funky Friends Factory Pattern. It is unacceptable to mass-produce the toys or to reproduce the patterns.

I have faith that you will respect the long hours and creativity that has gone into producing the Funky Friends Factory patterns.
Many thanks,

COMMERCIAL USE: Can you sell toys you sew using the Funky Friends Factory Patterns?

If you want to sell the toys you sew using the Funky Friends Factory sewing patterns, I am happy for you to do this if you make them yourself from start to finish, and in limited numbers. I believe that, whether you sew them by hand or sewing machine, you’d hardly be able to call this mass-producing the toys! So you have my full permission to make the toys yourself, and sell them in limited numbers. All I would ask is that the toy is labelled or tagged with the following – ‘Made from a new.funkyfriendsfactory.com pattern’, and if you are selling the toys online – EACH online listing MUST state that the toy is made from a Funky Friends Factory Pattern. It is unacceptable to mass-produce the toys or to reproduce the patterns.

I think this is a win-win situation for both of us! – I am happy for you to make some money selling toys made from my patterns and as a ‘one-woman, home-based craft business’ it would really help me if you could help ‘spread the word’ about my pattern website in this way!
Thank you, in advance!

PS: this is the question I get asked the MOST by fellow home sewers like me who want to make some money doing something they LOVE – i.e. making softies! So I have a created web page explaining my Copyright Policy and Terms of Use, especially relating to selling items made from the Funky Friends Factory sewing patterns.

Placing an Order:

What methods of payment do you accept?

I can accept BOTH Paypal and Credit Cards.

What currency is used on the website?

The website is programmed to display prices in Australian dollars (AUD$) if you are in Australia. If you are located anywhere else in the world, prices will automatically default to be shown in United States dollars (US$).

How much do your products cost in my currency?

To find out what an item costs in YOUR currency I recommend using the currency conversions website that I use. I use it all the time so I have it saved in ‘my favourites’! Here is a link to the website: –http://www.xe.com/

Do you offer a discount for wholesale or bulk orders?
BULK DISCOUNTS are available if you order 3 or more Instant Download Patterns. To find out about these BULK DISCOUNTS you can CLICK HERE . I also offer WHOLESALE DISCOUNT to approved wholesale customers. If you’d like to become a Wholesale Customer, please CLICK HERE to find out more about my wholesale option.
I don't like buying on the internet, do you have other ways I can pay?
I took the printed patterns off my website because I have moved to Tasmania and I decided not to have any posted items on my website anymore because an 80 minute round-trip to go to the post office on most days kinda defeats the purpose of moving to the country for a quieter life! But you can still get printed patterns from patchwork and quilting shops, who can get them from the major US distributors and I have set up an Australian distributor too for you to buy printed (posted) patterns from them – Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Store. (They also stock lots of toy-making supplies including the really good quality craft eyes I use)  So please try their website!!
What is a coupon code and do I need one?
From time to time I have special offers and discounts, and to access these you need to have a coupon code. A coupon code is also required for Wholesale orders. To find out about these special offers subscribe to my newsletter and keep an eye on the Funky Friends Factory Facebook pageas I also like to run some promos for the Facebook fans.

Other Questions:

Where can I buy fleece online… and Minky and Fake Fur?

I get asked this type of question a LOT!!! Over the years I have found some fantastic online suppliers with gorgeous fabric, and I can happily recommend these to you as I don’t supply these fabrics myself! : ) I have put together a blog post of the best online stores I can recommend, for fleece as well as these other toy-making fabrics.

I have taken photos of my finished toys, where can I send it?

You can upload  photos of your Funky Friends Factory toys on the  Funky Friends Facebook page. You can also see what fabulous toys other people are making and join in with the competitions and other fun things we get up to there!

I represent a charity, can Funky Friends Factory help us?
I have a questions that is not on this page?

Please use the Contact Us page to let me know!

Many thanks for your input,