Funky Friends Factory - Doll & Stuffed Toy Sewing Patterns.

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Hi, I’m Pauline,
and this is me, in my little
toy-design ‘factory’!
(my sewing room!)

I like to say, IF you can sew…
…you can sew stuffed toys!!!

You may call them something different?
Plush, Plushies, Soft toys, Softies?
No matter what we call them -

we ALL love them!!!

My main goal with my Funky Friends Factory toy patterns has been to create REALLY simple and quick patterns to introduce people to toy-making so they can make their own wonderful home made toys… It’s always been something that I am passionate about and I think once you get started – you’ll understand why! : )


So let's get on with the Free patterns!!!!!!


Honey Teddy Bear was my first FREE toy sewing pattern.
I wanted to use Honey as my beginner's soft toy pattern because she was MUCH EASIER than a traditional jointed teddy bear BUT NOT TOO SIMPLE, so that you can learn LOTS of general softie sewing skills by making her.  I also have a video on the website homepage for you to see how to sew Honey. Once you have learnt the basics of sewing your Honey Teddy, I am sure you will be able to sew any of the Funky Friends! :)

Honey - Free Teddy Bear Pattern

* You can get the pattern for FREE when you sign up for the Funky Friends Factory newsletter, so if you haven't got it already -
sign up and get the FREE Teddy Bear Pattern on the homepage!

This next pattern is a FREE Christmas Gingerbread Man sewing pattern.
Christmas holidays are a great time to get stuck into something crafty and I thought it would be fun to make LOTS of little gingerbread men as Christmas decorations! Ginger is a great toy sewing pattern for introducing kids to sewing toys as he's quick to make, hand sewn with felt! 

* Visit this blog post to get the FREE Gingerbread man sewing pattern.

This felt food cup cake FREE softie pattern was for my birthday!
It looks good enough to eat BUT it's not as fattening - YAY!!! You can also use the cup cake as a pin cushion, or add a rattle for a cute baby toy for a baby's first birthday present!

* Click this link to go to the blog post to get the Free Felt Cup Cake pattern.

  My Izzy INSOMNIAC Teddy Bear pattern includes a Sleepy Sheepie made from FABRIC but later on I made this FREE KNITTED SHEEP PATTERN for those of you who also like to knit!

If you are up all night knitting some sheep for your Teddy to count won't be as noisy as sewing some sheep - so you won't disturb any one else who is managing to catch some shut eye!!!!

* Visit this blog post to get the FREE knitted sheep pattern here.

NEXT up is this FREE toy TIE Pattern that I designed for Mitch the monkey. I am sure the tie can be adapted for other Funky Friends toys and dolls if you like! :)

Click here to download the Tie pattern >>

The Christmas Hats Pattern for you  & your TOYS was a free sewing pattern I designed for Christmas 2014. My FREE Christmas Hats sewing pattern comes in 6 sizes. At first I had planned to design the free Christmas Hats Pattern for all my Funky Friends soft toys only...

BUT I had so much fun sewing them that I have added to the pattern and included sizing the pattern for kiddies, teenagers/small adults as well as a large adult size so there’s a size to fit everyone!

* Visit this blog post to get the FREE Christmas HATS pattern here.

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I 'd LOVE to see how your toys turn out!



Enjoy my FREE sewing patterns!


bye for now,