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Soft Toy making PHOTO TUTORIALs

Most of my patterns have an online photo tutorial which look something like this one for my Baby Bunny Toy Pattern. The photo tutorials have a clear photo of each step of the pattern so you can see the toy 'coming together' step-by-step. I have also got Material Requirements, Fabric Recommendations, Layout, Cutting out and Sewing instructions in the actual pattern so don't forget to read all of those too - probably best BEFORE you start sewing the toy pattern!



* These photo tutorials are NOT available to the general public.

So you need to use the link in the pattern (Look for the link to the tutorial in the See Me Sew section of the pattern). Type the link into your internet browser (in the address bar).



* I never take the photo tutorials down!!!

If you do not get to the page, it means you have made a mistake typing the link in. Please try again (copying and pasting the link is best!) and you will get to the page. 



The reason that some of my older patterns DON'T have photo tutorials is because I have only started making photo tutorials recently ~ I began designing nearly 20 years ago (when I was MUCH younger! LOL) and didn't have a digital camera!



I am gradually working my way through all of my older patterns too. It just takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to create photo tutorials because I have to take a few photos of each step, to make sure I get one in focus that shows the step clearly and then that's just the half of it. Each photo needs to be cropped and lightened and brightened and optimised for web-size images then uploaded, then I need to copy and paste in the text for each step and only then we're ready to go LIVE!



It's a really BIG job but I know it makes a BIG difference as LOTS of people are "visual learners" so - please be patient - I will eventually get to all of them!


* Can you see my kitty snoozing on my lap!!!


I tried to take these older patterns off my website but they are some of my most popular patterns and people kept asking me where they'd got to??? So LOTS of people have made beautiful toys, with these patterns without a photo tutorial, so I am pretty confident you can make them too - if you follow my written instructions! What I would recommend is that you keep the fabric pieces together with the pattern pieces until you are ready to use each piece. That way you can see where the pieces are labelled with the letters of the alphabet.




Then follow each step and make sure you have the pieces correct at each step before you go to the next step. Tick the checkboxes as you go along so you don't miss out any steps or do them in the wrong order.



Take it slow, rand I'm sure you'll get it right! MORE importantly - RELAX and ENJOY the process!!!! :)